The Boulderstone Technique

What is the Boulderstone Technique and How does it work?

The Boulderstone Technique is a holistic and powerful way of dealing with the causes of illness. We have found that the cause of most illnesses, whether physical, mental or emotional, is inner conflict, often described as stress. Even when it comes to infection with viruses or bacteria there is usually some stress already existing in the person making them susceptible to getting ill.
We remove this stress using our technique. Essentially that means, we get hold of the stress, sometimes in its entirety and sometimes a bit at a time and, as we hold it, a remarkable thing happens. The stress acts like a physical entity; it isn’t of course but it moves in a physical way, and the stress that has been lodged in the person starts making its way out. We hold on to what we feel until it has all gone.
When the stress is removed from anxiety the problem is gone. It is the same for PTSD, grief, allergies, obsessions, sprains, hay fever and many other illnesses. Even bugs disappear when the stress goes. Our experience is that even a tumour has stress at its heart. When the stress has gone, provided there has not been too much damage, the body goes back to normal.