Stress, including related mental and emotional states

If the Boulderstone Technique was restricted to only working with one condition I think all our practitioners would pick stress to work with. Clearing physical problems, allergies and sensitivities is what people love because it allows them to lead a more normal life but if you are stressed it can mess everything up. Our technique removes stress in the easiest and most efficient way we have seen. Hours of talking are not required, no tapping or denying feelings. The only requirement is a willingness to be open minded.

We have tried to explain how we work in the following articles, pick whichever catches your eye or, failing that, start with the one at the top and work your way down.

Depression, Anxiety & Stress

PTSD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Depression and Grief

Phobias and Compulsions

How We Release Emotional Trauma

Health and Disease


Post Traumatic Stress

TBT for children

Long Term PTSD, a case