We charge different amounts for different appointment lengths.

Allergy test and clearing

Test of 40+ substances:  £57 (30 minutes).

Clearing: £57 per session (30 minutes). Usually 2 or 3 sessions needed to clear all problems unless extremely ingrained.

All other problems (except MS): £88 per session (1 hour), £57 (30 minutes).

Multiple Sclerosis prices:

The first session is absolutely free and no money will be asked for in this session. This is so the patient can get a feel for the whole process without any commitment. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate wheelchair users at this time.

The cost of learning the technique is £1250, which is a one off charge. This includes the initial training (four, one hour sessions spread over a week plus weekly sessions) and as many further sessions as needed to understand the technique, spread out over one year. If further sessions are required after that year they are charged individually.

It is also possible to learn the technique with a friend or ‘buddy’. In this case two people come to learn the technique at the same time and help each other between sessions. People may come with a friend or ask to be put on a register to be ‘buddied up’ with a compatible MS patient. In this case the cost is reduced to £1000 each for the year.