Multiple Sclerosis – Cure?

Nowadays science has been elevated to a place that was formerly occupied by religion. I know I will upset a lot of people by saying this but science isn’t everything. For example, science can’t tell whether you are happy or sad, it can’t tell whether you are in love or not, it can’t tell you if a piece of music, or any work of art, is beautiful. There are many things that science is useless at.

A friend of mine (Izi) went for a heart operation last year and died on the operating table. The surgeon actually said that the operation was a success. Sometimes science doesn’t even know when it is wrong or measures success in a distorted way.

Science doesn’t measure everything. In fact it can’t measure the important things in life. One of the most important, arguably THE most important, thing in everybody’s life is their vitality (which is not measurable by science but is measurable by other people).

In every single case of MS I have come across, the person has had their vitality overrun by either a difficult life event or a series of difficult life events and the way they dealt with their problem remained in place for years. In my view, this is actually a good definition of Multiple Sclerosis. It is certainly better than the scientific: “MS is an auto-immune disease that comes from out of the blue and attacks for no reason”.

Medical science says “there is no cure for MS”. But if you don’t know what MS is in the first place, of course you will say there is no cure!

A Boulderstone Technique practitioner can feel the vitality of people and know what has to be done to stop the vitality from being overrun.

So, if you see MS as your vitality being overwhelmed by life events then there is an MS cure. Will it ever be proven by science? I don’t know but does it actually matter if it works?