MS Testimonies

“I am eternally grateful for the Boulderstone Technique for absolutely turning my life around. I was in a bad way when I first came to see John and now I’m fine. I hardly ever need to see him now.” – Faris, London

“I found The Boulderstone Technique when I really needed it and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It feels wonderful to know that I have control over my condition and to see the direct link between emotional and physical well-being. I have recommended my closest friends to visit In The Clear for various illnesses as I know that they will have the same miraculous results that I have experienced. TBT has changed my life and helped me to take control of every aspect of it. I feel positive about the future as I am now able to stop my symptoms and have even prevented symptoms from developing in the early stages – all without medication or any side-effects! 

I have not had any relapses for two years.” – Victoria, Twickenham

“I’ve been fine – I feel fine. No symptoms at all. I’ve gone back to work and I’m living a normal life, doing very well. The treatment was very helpful, including psychologically. It was a really positive experience; I gained control over myself. I still do the exercises three times a week as a routine, especially if I’m feeling stressed. The Boulderstone Technique was definitely well worth the money – I’d have paid more; I would have found the money somehow. When you are first diagnosed, MS is your whole world; but now I don’t feel like a poorly person; I don’t feel I’ve got an illness.

I don’t feel I have MS. But other people still think I’ve got MS – the label sticks. But I don’t see any doctors about MS – I don’t need to. Even the symptoms I came with have gone completely. The past issues and stress that caused the MS symptoms, I have learnt to deal with them better. I look at things more positively. I can’t control life, but I deal with things as they come up. I’m much more hopeful about the future now, expecting to be okay and not expecting anything to get worse.

I have been symptom free for 2 years now and really cannot measure how much positivity I gained from being a part of your healing.” – Fran, Leeds