I believe I’ve had MS for fifteen or sixteen years, but was only diagnosed three years ago.

I was having symptoms with my vision and my legs that were gradually getting worse with each relapse. Relapses were getting closer together and growing in intensity. Since having treatment with the Boulderstone Technique (for nine months), I’ve stopped having relapses.

I’m sure I would have had another big relapse by now. What John has taught me is how I can harness my body’s own ability to repair itself. You have to cure the cause, not just the symptoms. If I’m not sensible and get out of my normal routine of doing the exercises John showed me, I can feel some leg symptoms starting to come back, but when I then do my exercises, I can get on top of it again.

Recently I was starting to get some visual problems again, but using the exercises I was able to get on top of that and now my eyesight is fine. You can head problems off at the pass.

Some friends have suggested I might be in denial about having MS, but the opposite is true. I have taken charge and I do what I need to do to beat it. I don’t care whether there is a scientific explanation or not, I know it works for me, and that’s all I care about.