Clare was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, although she had had an attack involving numb feet and shins 15 years earlier, followed by a couple of minor optic attacks. In 1999 she had an attack of optic neuritis followed by her feet, shins and fingers becoming numb again and she also had a stiff neck.  A year later she was diagnosed with MS.

Over time she started having problems with walking and balance, with spasms in her legs. Her back had become quite rigid, with muscles like bricks, which no amount of massage had been able to help. Her MS changed from relapsing/remitting to secondary progressive.

Other symptoms started to impact on her day to day living and she had to think twice about going out of the house. Every day things like going to the supermarket became a major ordeal, which is no longer the case. Since doing the Boulderstone Technique, Clare’s life has become normal again.

In Clare’s words (in July 2006) : “I felt a difference soon after seeing John (in July 2005). The monkey got off my shoulder – by which I mean the awful stiff pain in my shoulders and neck as if I was carrying something all the time – that went and my muscles became less rigid. I stopped twitching for good.

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When I did the drug trial for two years the twitching was better, but it only lasted as long as I kept taking the drug. Now it’s stopped permanently. I hardly ever have any urgency about needing the loo now, so I can go out whenever I like.

The best thing for me is that my attitude to life has changed – I’m much stroppier. Before, I’d try to please everyone and feel I failed and not made anyone happier – now I’m more assertive. I take it for granted now that I feel better. I can be complacent and forget to do the exercises for a few days and my knee starts to go a bit numb – it reminds me to do them again, then I’m fine.

I used to get incredibly stressed over nothing. Now I’m much less stressed; I calm myself down. I sleep better than I did. Walking is absolutely fine now. My back is relaxed now – no more rigidity.

As long as I keep up the clearing exercises I know I’m going to be fine. It’s unbelievable what the treatment does. It makes you better and it is non-invasive, unlike drugs. It hasn’t just made my MS symptoms much better, it has also made me a better person – a noticeably different person to my husband and friends.’

Clare’s husband

“The effect (of the first treatment of the Boulderstone Technique) was beyond belief. She was immediately better. I haven’t a clue how or why but it does bloody work! I’m the last to go for this sort of banana and feel almost embarrassed at the thought of my name being attached to condoning an alternative thing, yet the thought of all those poor sufferers missing out on a simple process that clearly works and me not doing my bit for it would have been a crime.”

For many years Clare’s husband has been generously providing funding for a number of people to learn the Boulderstone Technique.

Report from Clare, October 2013

Firstly, I can’t believe that it’s eight years since I first saw John, was in a bit of a sorry state then with various problems and as far as I knew no hope of getting better, just a downward slope ahead of me. However, thanks to John and his technique I have spent the last eight years in pretty good health, with normal mobility,and just the occasional hiccup when I overdo things, when I need to rest, preferably lying on my back on the floor, and moving my body, in the same way as i might do head clearing, feels like body clearing. The movement stares from the base of my spine, where the nerves feel a bit jangled, then my hips and legs move as does the whole of my body, feel great afterwards. Overdoing things might mean doing three hours in the garden, or going for a long walk, (more than a mile) things that I couldn’t have done anyway at the time I met John. My energy levels are I would say normal, just sometimes I get a spangly feeling at the base of my spine and then it’s time to stop and do Some body movement lying down.

My feet are quite often slightly numb, but only really think about it first thing in the morning, and then they get better as I move around and get on with life, my feet also reacted to very hot weather while on holiday, but not in any worrying way and as soon as the temperature cooled my feet were happy again.

I have to admit that I feel so well, and lead a completely normal life, so that I am very complacent about doing head clearing exercises these days, although i do them if i feel a bit stressed, and that usually leads on to body movement too. I see John every six months or so for an MOT.

All very good, feel amazingly lucky and very grateful to have met John.