Katharine Boulderstone

Katharine’s interest in people led her to study Anthropology and Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University. After that she taught English to people of many different nationalities in Paris and London.

An interest in health grew when her first child was dying of leukaemia. Katharine was unimpressed by the conventional medical approach. Since cancer develops when there is a failure of the immune system, it did not make sense to her to poison the body with toxic chemotherapy and undermine the immune system further. When this approach failed her daughter, she became interested in therapies that claimed to support the immune system and enhance the natural ability of the body to heal itself.

Katharine’s good friend convinced her of the logic and wisdom of homeopathic philosophy. She took her daughter to a renowned homeopath, even though she knew it was too late to expect a cure. She found that the remedies he prescribed had an extraordinary effect, actually removing some of the symptoms, even at such a late stage in the disease, and creating a much better dying experience.

She was hooked – both on the intellectual challenge and the apparent results that homeopathy could provide. She studied homeopathy at the Devon School of Homeopathy, followed by a post-graduate course at the Dynamis School. Then she worked with Janice Micallef for 7 years, learning about energy work and taking part in dozens of provings of new remedies. (Provings are what homeopaths call the experiments done on healthy volunteers to determine exactly what symptoms each substance causes. These are recorded in detail and then checked against clinical use and confirmation of cure.)

She has been in homeopathic practice since 1990 and has been a supervisor and mentor for other homeopaths for over twenty years.

Katharine has been on television to talk about her work and many years ago she had a weekly homeopathic phone-in on Radio Kent.

As well as doing various healing courses, Katharine studied muscle testing at the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology. She is registered and insured with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. She is also an experienced Re-evaluation Counsellor.

Most importantly of all, she has been successfully using and developing the Boulderstone Technique since 1996.