John Boulderstone

John and his wife Katharine established and ran the well known Helios Clinic in Tunbridge Wells for ten years before setting up the Boulderstone Centre for Life Force Healing. Now they are based at In the Clear, a walk-in clinic in Tunbridge Wells. They have both taught at the School of Homoeopathy, the Dynamis School, the Welsh School and the Burren School in Ireland. John has also taught in United States and New Zealand. They are both fully qualified practitioners and have comprehensive insurance.

John finished school with a desire to be a maths teacher and realised this dream after he completed a maths degree at Queen Mary College, London and a certificate in education from Chelsea College.

In the 1980’s he went to a homeopath as a patient and had an amazingly positive reaction. This experience led him to want to know more.

He started training at the College of Homeopathy and continued with a post graduate course at the Dynamis School. In 1987, he saw his first patient as an alternative health practitioner. Following this he trained as a CranioSacral therapist at Karuna, Devon. In 1996 he discovered what is now called the Boulderstone Technique.

One of the most exciting things to happen to me is working with people with Multiple Sclerosis. I believe that medical scientists will not be able to find a solution to MS because the disease is intimately linked to factors that science can not yet measure. Namely, the ability to deal with emotions, vitality, will power and life force. The Boulderstone Technique works directly on these areas in a new and unique way.

John wrote the book “Living with Vitality” which explains how health works, from a vitalistic point of view, and how illness occurs. In this book he does not deny the fantastic achievements made by science but he explains that at its edge there is room for creative thinking; after all medicine is an art as well as a science.

“A huge thank you to you both for helping me enormously. I have been symptom-free for 8 years now and really cannot measure how much positivity I gained from being part of your healing.” -Fran – diagnosed with MS in 2007