Jenny, a 52 old housekeeper, has had MS for seventeen years. She came to us at the end of last year. She was angry about her MS and desperate for a solution. Her legs were swelling every day, she was unable to use the leg muscles and she suffered almost constantly from leg cramps. She found it difficult to walk, especially up and down stairs, and stubbornly refused to use a walking stick – with the result that she would fall over at least once a week. She could use the right arm with great difficulty and had a constant sensation of numbness in the right hand.

She had given up on all conventional medicine and refused to take steroids and painkillers, even though she was in considerable pain, as she said they did not help and did not agree with her. She had even tried cannabis but said that it had done nothing for her. After five months of treatment, her legs only occasionally swell, she has stopped falling over and can walk much further, and the right hand is getting some feeling and strength back. But most importantly she says “My quality of life has improved, I feel better in myself.”

There is no reason for Jenny’s symptoms to get worse.