Emotional Well-Being

Your emotional well-being is vital to your general health. Unresolved emotional problems will take up your energy and make you more susceptible to illness. Many long-term conditions can be remedied by addressing the underlying emotional causes.

We can help you process any emotional difficulty without having to talk about it.

Everyone does one of two things with difficult emotional experiences: they either store them or they process them. When they are stored or suppressed they stay with you but when they are processed the difficulty is gone forever.

Why do people try to store or suppress difficult emotional experiences rather than processing them? The ability to store the problem is a human skill and its purpose is to allow us to process the difficult experience at a later date. Our problems arise when we do not process the experiences at a later date. All unresolved emotional experiences cause difficulties.

All of these traumas, grief, compulsions and phobias are easily sorted out using the Boulderstone Technique. The only thing we require from the patient is for them to be willing to ‘touch’ their problem with their thoughts. As soon as they do this we can feel their fight and conflict, in our hands, and we know what to do. No talking about it is needed or even desirable.

Talking therapies can help but they are inefficient – people do not store their unresolved emotional difficulties as words. People store their problems as tensions which we feel and undo.

“No panic attacks, no depression, no anxiety. When I think about how I was….it’s a miracle” – SS, Tunbridge Wells

“The greatest virtue of The Boulderstone Technique is the fact that you can clear issues without having to discuss them” – DS, Manchester



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