Depression, Anxiety & Stress

It is possible to remove DEPRESSION, ANXIETY and STRESS without changing any external circumstances.

When you ask a person experiencing stress (or depression or anxiety) how they know they are stressed they often say they have symptoms such as feelings of hopelessness, or loss of interest in life, or anger, or loss of energy, or any of the hundreds of other symptoms. But those symptoms are the RESULTS of the stress, they are not what tells you you are stressed. The same is true for depression and anxiety.

Knowing what tells you that you are stressed is a difficult question because working it out requires you to go behind the results and see how you recognise the stressed state. Not everyone can do it but people who can often say they can actually feel their stress in their chest, or in their head, or in their stomach as a PHYSICAL sensation or tension.

Here at the Boulderstone Technique we have labelled this physical sensation as Micro-Physical Tension or MPT for short. We have also discovered that if the MPT is removed so is the stress.

We have found a way to remove the MPT that we can teach to people so they have a way of sorting out their own stress, without resorting to pills. Also, removing an MPT does not need talking to a therapist for hours on end.

Even if you can’t feel your own MPT, we are trained to and so your situation is rarely an obstacle to recovery. Because you don’t have to talk about the problem, long standing issues are not an obstacle, even if you can not remember the events but know there was a problem. If you have problems with DEPRESSION, ANXIETY and STRESS the Boulderstone Technique can remove the tension that tells you there is a problem.

If you would like to know more, phone or email, we are willing to talk over your situation without charge.