Depression, Anxiety & Stress

It is possible to remove DEPRESSION, ANXIETY and STRESS without changing any external circumstances. When you ask a person experiencing stress (or depression or anxiety) how they know they are stressed they often say they have symptoms such as feelings of hopelessness, or loss of interest in life, or anger, or loss of energy, or […]

PTSD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

What people do not realise is just how quickly you can work through post traumatic stress or panic attacksĀ using the Boulderstone Technique and there is no need talk about it! So often words get in the way. The time it takes to sort out panic attacks varies from one hour to a couple of weeks […]

Post Traumatic Stress

I read about people in the media who have a problem with PTSD who are somehow heroic for taking prescribed medication and I think why don’t they try the Boulderstone Technique. For example, when a patient takes anti-depressants I already know two things.   The first is that at least part of them has bought […]

Andrea – Long term PTSD

I have struggled with complex PTSD for over 15 years. Part of the reason I have struggled so long was because I trusted NO ONE to give me therapy. I had been successfully healing myself through the trauma but had reached an impasse. I just hit a numb, unmotivated plain and I couldn’t rouse any […]