Questions about MS and TBT

Is this a cure for MS? Yes… and no. Cure implies that there is a drug or technique that can be applied to anyone diagnosed with MS and they will get better. That is not the case here. We teach you how your MS has come about and what you can do about it. It […]

No cure for MS

Who says “There is no cure for MS”? I would like to challenge this belief which seems to come from doctors and the MS Society. Doctors and the MS Society are notorious for not looking at and for disregarding non-orthodox medical views. In fact they simply ignore them. So how can they know if “There […]

Treating MS

I have been working with people with MS since 2005 and my experience has led me to the following conclusions. First of all, MS does not appear ‘out of the blue’ as the orthodox medical world would have you believe. It comes from a very definite set of circumstances. Those circumstances often, but not exclusively, […]

The desire to cure MS

The desire to cure MS through the use of drugs alone may be understandable but for me the idea is absurd. Everyone knows MS is not caused by a lack of a vitamin or mineral for if it was then taking that vitamin or mineral would solve the problem – it doesn’t. It is not caused […]

Boulderstone Technique & MS

“Relapses were getting closer together and growing in intensity. Since having treatment with The Boulderstone Technique I’ve stopped having relapses” – Patrick. We know what makes MS better and worse and we can prove it. How do we prove it? Very simply we make your MS symptoms worse, then better and then worse and better again, over just […]


Recently I was starting to get some visual problems again, but using the exercises I was able to get on top of that and now my eyesight is fine. You can head problems off at the pass. Some friends have suggested I might be in denial about having MS, but the opposite is true. I […]


Nicky: Interview 18/1/06 I first had problems at the age of nineteen and MS was pretty much diagnosed then. I had pins and needles in both feet, which would progress upwards as far as my rib cage and would turn to numbness over a couple of days. Each relapse lasted up to four months, sometimes […]


I was diagnosed with MS summer of 2010 and I was recommended to see John and started treatment with him in the following winter. I felt immediately better after the first free consultation as it all made sense logically and I felt hopeful that this might work. I felt as if a weight had been […]


With this approach you can take back control; it gives you a way of helping yourself. Every time I come it reinforces that. I’m now coming every 2 or 3 months. I don’t need to come as much as I used to, as I can do it myself. When I was diagnosed with MS at […]

The MS Cause & Solution

The Boulderstone Technique for MS is a learning experience, a way of understanding how the MS process can be changed. MS has been labelled an auto-immune disease but the idea of the body attacking itself is a very strange concept. It is equivalent to someone punching themselves in the face. Of course we all probably feel like doing […]