Depression, Anxiety & Stress

It is possible to remove DEPRESSION, ANXIETY and STRESS without changing any external circumstances. When you ask a person experiencing stress (or depression or anxiety) how they know they are stressed they often say they have symptoms such as feelings of hopelessness, or loss of interest in life, or anger, or loss of energy, or […]

PTSD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

What people do not realise is just how quickly you can work through post traumatic stress or panic attacks using the Boulderstone Technique and there is no need talk about it! So often words get in the way. The time it takes to sort out panic attacks varies from one hour to a couple of weeks […]

Depression and Grief

If you know anti-depressants are not for you then our approach may be of interest. Our experience of depression is, unfortunately, vast but we have a solution that many people find easy and even enjoyable. We have discovered that people with depression know they are depressed because they have a physical sensation, somewhere in their […]

Phobias & Compulsions

“I was absolutely terrified of spiders. I couldn’t ever rest and I was constantly tense in case there was a spider in the room. I would scream and climb on the table if one came in the room. I was petrified one might climb up my leg. After only 3 sessions of The Boulderstone Technique I […]

The Boulderstone Technique

Most people hold some hidden tension in the body due to the stresses of normal life. The trouble begins when these stresses are particularly severe or long-lasting or just not dealt with. They may be caused by ongoing physical problems like repetitive strains, allergies or food sensitivities. Or they may come from unresolved trauma or […]

Health and Disease

Medical breakthrough! New drug for cancer! New gene discovered! Every day we are told by the media that we are on the verge of a cure for some disease or a breakthrough in the treatment of another. We expect progress in this form, that inch by inch we will crawl in the direction of better […]

How We Release Emotional Trauma

When you understand how stress and trauma are stored in the body, and how it is released, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can become a thing of the past – in moments. Until that time everything you do will make slow progress. Indeed, you may not make any progress at all. If you talk about […]

John Boulderstone

John and his wife Katharine established and ran the well known Helios Clinic in Tunbridge Wells for ten years before setting up the Boulderstone Centre for Life Force Healing. Now they are based at In the Clear, a walk-in clinic in Tunbridge Wells. They have both taught at the School of Homoeopathy, the Dynamis School, the […]

Katharine Boulderstone

Katharine’s interest in people led her to study Anthropology and Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University. After that she taught English to people of many different nationalities in Paris and London. An interest in health grew when her first child was dying of leukaemia. Katharine was unimpressed by the conventional medical approach. Since cancer […]

IBS & Food intolerance

There is much talk in the media about NHS overspending. One area where the amount spent could be reduced drastically is that of gut problems, especially IBS. IBS is a diagnosis given to people with any of the following symptoms: bloating, abdominal pain, loose stools, diarrhoea and/or constipation. I see several patients every week with […]