The Boulderstone Technique

Most people hold some hidden tension in the body due to the stresses of normal life. The trouble begins when these stresses are particularly severe or long-lasting or just not dealt with. They may be caused by ongoing physical problems like repetitive strains, allergies or food sensitivities. Or they may come from unresolved trauma or […]

Life Force

The Life Force A fairy godmother, someone once called me. This last week I was called a god by one woman, and an alchemist by another. I don’t take it personally as I know it is not really me or what I do that they are talking about. I am a facilitator, as is my […]


The Boulderstone Technique is an example of alternative health. As most people know, alternative health is different from orthodox medicine but not everyone knows just how different. Orthodox medicine aims to deal with the illness, despite the person. As an extreme example, a friend of mine (IM) went for heart surgery and unfortunately died. I […]

HPV vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix)

We are sensitive people. We can put our hands on people and feel where there is a problem. This ability has been honed over twenty years with thousands of patients. If we hold a persons head and and place a substance they are allergic to on their body we can feel that person react. Not […]

No cure for MS

Who says “There is no cure for MS”? I would like to challenge this belief which seems to come from doctors and the MS Society. Doctors and the MS Society are notorious for not looking at and for disregarding non-orthodox medical views. In fact they simply ignore them. So how can they know if “There […]

Alternative & Orthodox Health

As most people know, alternative medicine is different from orthodox medicine but not everyone knows just how different. Orthodox medicine aims to deal with the illness, despite the person. Examples are if you are depressed you get anti-depressants, if you have inflammation you get anti-inflammatories, if you have eczema you get steroids; the person is not taken […]

Boulderstone Technique & MS

“Relapses were getting closer together and growing in intensity. Since having treatment with The Boulderstone Technique I’ve stopped having relapses” – Patrick. We know what makes MS better and worse and we can prove it. How do we prove it? Very simply we make your MS symptoms worse, then better and then worse and better again, over just […]


Diagnosed Spring 2004. Leg felt heavy; walking was laboured and slow. Very stiff neck. Treated with the Boulderstone Technique in 2007. Still head clearing every day. Neck is 100% better. Leg is no worse but it is still heavy and that bothers me; it holds me back. But it has not got any worse since […]