Boulderstone Technique & MS

“Relapses were getting closer together and growing in intensity. Since having treatment with The Boulderstone Technique I’ve stopped having relapses” – Patrick.

We know what makes MS better and worse and we can prove it. How do we prove it? Very simply we make your MS symptoms worse, then better and then worse and better again, over just a few seconds, using our technique. You get to feel the whole process. We stop relapses because we can feel how they come about and can show you. The first lesson is absolutely free. Come along to experience it so you can learn how to control this unnecessary disease. Since 2005 The Boulderstone Technique has helped many people with MS get back control.


Multiple Sclerosis is called a progressive disease, whether diagnosed as progressive or relapsing-remitting, but its progress can be halted. MS is a process that has a beginning, often starting years before symptoms develop, and a progression which sees symptoms get established. By understanding your disease NOW you can halt the ongoing development of the disease which will probably lead to new symptoms and a worsening condition over time.

The treatment is really a learning process. It is completely drug-free and free of side effects. We teach you what MS really is and help you identify the stress factors that feed the illness. People who develop MS tend to internalise their stress, jamming up emotional upsets until their physical functioning is impaired (see video above). By clearing all your internalised stress and teaching you how to use our technique, we help you interrupt the MS process.

How long is the treatment?

Over the years we have honed our initial training in the technique to a minimum. The course consists of three sessions on consecutive days and two further sessions in the following two weeks.  More sessions will be required but the time frame is dependent on the individual. We recommend that everyone comes for a check-up once or twice a year.

What do I do next?

Telephone 01892 544381 for an appointment or to talk about your options.

“I had quite dramatic limb relapses every 12 to 18 months for 10 to 12 years. Then the pattern changed to having more regular relapses, shorter periods of remission in between and more classic MS symptoms, such as fatigue, loss of balance and muscle weakness. The progression over the last 4 years was that relapses were getting far more frequent. In the last 2 years, the relapses were almost running into each other with only one week in between. I felt it was changing into progressive MS. A lot of steroid treatment did not help.Then I came to see John during a relapse. A period of remission then began which has just continued and continued, up to today. I’m feeling very strong physically and a lot better in all ways and on all levels.” – Nicola, first came in 2005 and is still keeping well in 2016 with no more relapses or worsening of symptoms.