Multiple Sclerosis – Cure?

Nowadays science has been elevated to a place that was formerly occupied by religion. I know I will upset a lot of people by saying this but science isn’t everything. For example, science can’t tell whether you are happy or sad, it can’t tell whether you are in love or not, it can’t tell you […]


I found The Boulderstone Technique when I really needed it and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It feels wonderful to know that I have control over my condition and to see the direct link between emotional and physical well-being. I have recommended my closest friends to visit In The Clear […]


I believe I’ve had MS for fifteen or sixteen years, but was only diagnosed three years ago. I was having symptoms with my vision and my legs that were gradually getting worse with each relapse. Relapses were getting closer together and growing in intensity. Since having treatment with the Boulderstone Technique (for nine months), I’ve […]


Clare was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, although she had had an attack involving numb feet and shins 15 years earlier, followed by a couple of minor optic attacks. In 1999 she had an attack of optic neuritis followed by her feet, shins and fingers becoming numb again and she also had a stiff […]

MS Testimonies

“I am eternally grateful for the Boulderstone Technique for absolutely turning my life around. I was in a bad way when I first came to see John and now I’m fine. I hardly ever need to see him now.” – Faris, London “I found The Boulderstone Technique when I really needed it and it was one […]

Roy and Lorraine

Roy Interviewed 12/9/08 Norway First symptoms of MS were 18 years ago.? In the months before seeing John, symptoms were getting noticeably worse. ?Been seeing John for over a year and in that time has had no worsening of symptoms, no relapses and no bad day. The MS has stayed still. I feel stronger. I […]


Diagnosed Spring 2004. Leg felt heavy; walking was laboured and slow. Very stiff neck. Treated with the Boulderstone Technique in 2007. Still head clearing every day. Neck is 100% better. Leg is no worse but it is still heavy and that bothers me; it holds me back. But it has not got any worse since […]


In June 2008 I first came to see John, I was officially diagnosed in May. I had already had symptoms for 10 years, was totally cramped up and immobile physically. Mentally I was in a similar state, glum and depressed. couldn’t be bothered with anything. Everything was an effort. I was in a negative spiral, […]