Allergy Solutions

We sort out sensitivities. We start with our allergy/sensitivity test to find out what substances are causing a problem. Then we use the Boulderstone Technique to clear the problems we find: no drugs, no side effects, no on-going treatment, just a few sessions for the clearing.

The test takes about 30 minutes, with instant results, including an estimate of how many optional clearing sessions are needed – usually two or three.

How do we clear sensitivities?

The Boulderstone Technique is our version of a desensitisation therapy. We start by holding a problematic substance close to the body. With our specially developed sensitivity we can feel the person’s reaction. When the person starts reacting we remove the substance and work with that reaction, allowing the body to learn to adjust to it until there is no more reaction in the body. At this point the substance is no longer a problem. We can work with: pollen, house dust, feathers, moulds, animal hair, food sensitivities and others.

How do I get an allergy test?

Our test takes 30 minutes at our Tunbridge Wells clinic with instant results. Phone the number below to book an appointment.

“My son had a mild nut allergy. After just one session he was able to eat all manner of nuts without the side effects of an itchy mouth and throat which he used to suffer with.” – ES, Tunbridge Wells

“I have been very impressed by the improvements in my various allergies. I noticed massive improvements particularly with my hayfever. For example on one of the days I had treatment I had been sneezing and sniffing all morning but then not at all after the treatment! I am a science teacher and I recommended the Boulderstone Technique to one of my students as his allergies were so bad that he used to get through a whole box of tissues in one lesson. The next time he came for a lesson he did not need a single tissue. I was amazed, even though I had been through the same process myself. It is hard to believe, even when the evidence is right in front of you.” – SR, Forest Row

“I went to see Katharine after I was diagnosed with IBS. She quickly established that I had an intolerance to wheat, grapes and white wine. I cut out wheat and wine from my diet for two weeks, then gradually introduced them again after she worked on me. My symptoms such as bloatedness, constipation and indigestion had disappeared, never to return again. I also had a cat allergy, getting severe rashes if I so much as went near my cat. This was also sorted out in one session.” – ES, Tunbridge Wells

“I am forever indebted to the Boulderstone Technique for bringing much needed relief to me and members of my family with this alternative method of working when conventional drugs had stopped working.”