What we do

John and Katharine

John and Katharine Boulderstone

We treat people – not diseases.

Instead of giving a name to your condition and then reaching for the standard treatment for that condition, we are interested in you. We want to know why you are ill, what are the deepest causes of your current state.

Our work is to help you undo those causes. to remove whatever it is making you succumb to illness, leaving you well and happy. Even when you believe you know the cause there is often a deeper disturbance lying just out of sight that, if changed, can make all the difference.

We can teach your body and mind to respond differently, to stay stronger and to resist succumbing to stress and illness.

To do this we use our Boulderstone Technique which clears stress from mind and body to allow you to learn a new way of being that keeps you healthy and strong.

We also run an Allergy test for £55 with immediate results.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment phone our clinic in Tunbridge Wells on 01892 544381.


This is what some of our clients have said:

“The results are phenomenal” – CM, Tonbridge

“My hay fever was 80% better after the first treatment and completely gone after the second” – PR, Tunbridge Wells

“I’m a scientist by background, but there is no denying the before and after picture [about MS]” – MT, Canterbury

“No panic attacks, no depression, no anxiety. When I think about how I was …. it’s a miracle” – SS, Tunbridge Wells